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We create complete packaging solutions to the highest quality standards to improve the well-being of people and the planet.

Our products

For everyone

Our products are organized into three Portfolios, which offer specific solutions for the different needs of the pharmaceutical industry, health professionals, and patients.


Packaging systems for therapeutic drugs that require professional performance with very high precision and effectiveness.


Functional, simple and safe solutions for medicines of daily use.


Complete kits for products related to wellness and cosmetics.

For tangible sustainability


EcoPositive Range

EcoPositive is our range of eco-friendly solutions.
It runs across the three portfolios and comprises a huge number of sustainable glass and plastic products, including recycled glass and plastic, bio-based solutions, biodegradables or compostables, and latest-generation polymers.

With more than 680 products

We devise comprehensive packaging solutions, which through state-of-the-art materials and technologies ensure protection and maximum stability for drugs, and provide a safe, simple and convenient user experience.

Trough two centuries of experience

For two hundred years we have been researching the materials, technologies and processes best suited to the evolution of pharmaceutical packaging. From our knowledge of glass, plastic, rubber and aluminum come innovative solutions that improve people's lives and protect the environment.

Together with more than 1,400 professionals

The vision of management, the ideas of designers, know-how of techniciancs - we make the most of diverse skills, experiences, and cultures to create a dynamic, open, and inclusive work environment.

Continuing to innovate

We have devised an open and participatory innovation process: through collaboration with start-ups, research centers, universities, and clients, we develop ideas and plans for the health of the future. Developing sustainable business models that can make today's prototypes tomorrow's reality.

“We have taken significant steps towards sustainability, defining a strategic plan based on four areas of action.”

Andrea Lodetti, CEO of Bormioli Pharma

We understand that our activities touch society and the environment, and that we have an opportunity and a duty to ensure that this impact is positive, through respect for natural resources, the quality of our products, commitment to communities, and reliable and transparent governance.

Latest News

Bormioli Pharma and Loop Industries unveil an innovative pharmaceutical packaging bottle manufactured with 100% recycled virgin quality Loop PET resin at Pharmapack 2024

This packaging innovation will be showcased at Pharmapack Europe 2024 (24th-25th January, Paris Expo, Porte de Versailles - booth B78-B79, Hall 7.2)

Bormioli Pharma introduces at Pharmapack Europe 2024 a brand-new consultancy approach showcasing its wide, sustainable and innovative packaging offer

Bormioli Pharma will attend Pharmapack Europe 2024 in Paris (Paris Expo, Porte de Versailles - booth B78-B79).

Bormioli Pharma together with to digitise package leaflets using augmented reality

The project is part of the Bormioli Pharma Invents innovation programme, which aims to provide concrete answers to some of the most important challenges in the pharmaceutical packaging sector.

Bormioli Pharma presents at CPHI Barcelona 2023 a future-ready packaging solution offering, integrating advanced services, IoT technologies and sustainability.

The company displays its wide portfolio of product and services in Barcelona from 24th to 26th of October (Fira Barcelona Gran Via, Booth 2K30, Hall 3.0).

Bormioli Pharma names the winner of one of the contests launched with Desall

The competition, which aimed to innovate traditional CRC locking systems through the introduction of biometric technologies, attracted 37 design proposals from 24 countries worldwide.

Bormioli Pharma launches the "Plastic Academy"

The academy aims to train professionals specialised in the processing of plastics.

Bormioli Pharma announces two new call4ideas with to imagine the future of pharmaceutical packaging

The two contests aim to explore how two digital technologies, such as augmented reality and biometric recognition, can impact the future of pharmaceutical packaging, improving drug delivery and patient safety. In addition to receiving a monetary prize, the winners will have the opportunity to contribute to the development of their project.

Bormioli Pharma reaffirms its commitment to environmental and social sustainability with the presentation of the 2nd edition of its ESG Report

One of the main objectives is to cut CO2 emissions by 30% by 2030, while the target for the reduction of water consumption has been redefined (from -30% to -41%) in light of the significant improvements already achieved in 2022.

A short guide to primary pharmaceutical packaging

Learn more about what primary pharmaceutical packaging is, the types, the materials used in its production and the relevant regulations.

Bormioli Pharma and IQVIA Italy together to identify patients’ real needs

Patients' usage habits regarding injectables and topicals were investigated by means of one-to-one interviews and focus groups. The investigation brought to light critical issues and potential areas for development.

Bormioli Pharma Grows North America Sales by More Than 40% in 2022 While Mobilizing a Multimillion Dollar Investment Program to Expand its Packaging Solutions for Parenteral Drugs

The company has invested in strengthening its tubular glass vials capabilities through advanced machinery, while upgrading its platform for molded glass, and expanding clean-room capabilities for the production of rubber stoppers.

Bormioli Pharma presents at Pharmapack Europe the evolution of its pharma packaging offer, focused on sustainability and new IoT technologies

The company will display its wide product range in Paris on 1st-2nd February (Porte de Versailles Expo, booth A68-A70). Bormioli Pharma will also showcase new prototypes, among which a connected medical device able to administer ophthalmic drugs through nebulization.

New scientific evidence shows that tubing glass vials and “Delta” molded glass vials provide comparable performance

Bormioli Pharma has launched an experimental investigation to compare properties and performance between two types of 10 ml and 30 ml vials in 'Delta' molded glass and tubing glass: the results show that both solutions provide comparable benefits, depending on the drug and the production processes for which they are intended.

Bormioli Pharma and Pierre Fabre develop a 100% recycled PET packaging for ELUDRIL® brand mouthwashes

Bormioli Pharma and Pierre Fabre, a French pharmaceutical and dermo-cosmetic group present in more than 100 countries, are consolidating their partnership started in 2020 through an innovative initiative in eco-design and sustainable development.

Bormioli Pharma reveals at CPHI Frankfurt new prototypes focusing on effective, patient-centered innovation

Bormioli Pharma will attend at CPHI in Frankfurt (booth 30B20) showcasing a service-driven, innovative and sustainable product offer and reaffirming its positioning as “one-stop shop” partner for the pharma industry.

Bormioli Pharma issues its first ESG Report. Among the main objectives: -30% water consumption and CO2 emissions by 2030, 50% use of sustainable raw materials in production

Bormioli Pharma has published its first Sustainability Report according to ESG criteria, a document that reports on the Group's activities in terms of social responsibility during 2021 and that sets medium and long-term improvement objectives in line with its mission: "Making health a positive practice, accessible to all and kind to the planet".

Bormioli Pharma presents groundbreaking scientific data that show the undeniable safety of sustainable plastic packaging for medicines

Bormioli Pharma has presented a set of data highlighting that pharma-grade, sustainable plastic packaging is able to fulfill the strictest requirements of the industry in terms of quality and safety.

Bormioli Pharma launches at Pharmapack Europe “EcoPositive”, a new range of planet-friendly packaging solutions

Bormioli Pharma announces the launch of EcoPositive, a brand new label gathering all the sustainable packaging solutions manufactured by the company.