Bormioli Pharma issues its first ESG Report. Among the main objectives: -30% water consumption and CO2 emissions by 2030, 50% use of sustainable raw materials in production

Bormioli Pharma has published its first Sustainability Report according to ESG criteria, a document that reports on the Group's activities in terms of social responsibility during 2021 and that sets medium and long-term improvement objectives in line with its mission: "Making health a positive practice, accessible to all and kind to the planet".

With this Report Bormioli Pharma confirms its commitment to protecting the wellbeing of people and the environment, through a concrete strategy based on 4 areas of action:

  • the product offer, which includes a dedicated range of low environmental impact solutions called EcoPositive;
  • a solid and transparent governance model;
  • the optimization of industrial processes for a more targeted resource saving and a lower impact on ecosystems;
  • the protection of the health and safety of Group people and the enhancement of diversity and talent.

Within this framework, the company has set important goals for the future.

These include using sustainable raw materials for 50% of its production by 2025; reducing water and CO2 consumption by 30% by 2030 compared to the 2021 baseline; and closing the gender pay gap by 2028.

In addition, Bormioli Pharma sets by 2026 the assessment of 90% of suppliers on the international rating platform EcoVadis, which measures the performance of the sustainability management system of suppliers, necessary to ensure a full alignment with the Group’s high standards of responsibility.

"This first Report represents the formalization of a path that the company began over 15 years ago and an important commitment for the future" commented Andrea Lodetti, Bormioli Pharma CEO. "As a partner of the pharmaceutical industry, we feel the social responsibility of our role and we are committed to offering health solutions capable of making medical practices increasingly accessible, effective and sustainable".

The Report also shows the goals already achieved by the company, such as the creation of 3 eco-friendly product ranges, the reduction of industrial waste and water consumption, the constant improvement of customer satisfaction and safe working environments.