Bormioli Pharma reveals at CPHI Frankfurt new prototypes focusing on effective, patient-centered innovation

Bormioli Pharma will attend at CPHI in Frankfurt (booth 30B20) showcasing a service-driven, innovative and sustainable product offer and reaffirming its positioning as “one-stop shop” partner for the pharma industry.

More in detail, Bormioli Pharma will present to the market new prototypes addressing inclusivity, traceability and patient adherence growing requests. Among these, an ophthalmic drop applicator (OpenEye) based on ergonomic design, making easier drug administration and minimizing waste; an oral liquid drug dispenser (uApt) enhancing self-administration by people with disabilities, a IoT, smart-controlled device (MediClicker) allowing easy pills dosing, and a traceability, multi-technology solution (Trax) able to store information along the supply chain and readable both by industrial systems and consumer devices. All new concepts will be showcased through an immersive experience that will reveal how they work and and how they can improve the patient’s life.

Another highlight of Bormioli Pharma proposition at CPHI Frankfurt is EcoPositive, the range of sustainable primary packaging solutions for pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and food supplement uses. Bormioli Pharma has indeed introduced to the market – as industrial products – 3 lines of low-impact packaging solutions, based on 3 different sustainability strategies:

  • Regenerate: glass and plastic packaging recycled from first-choice waste collection
  • Renew:  bioplastic packaging derived from renewable sources
  • Reloop: glass and advanced polymer products made from infinitely reusable materials

These glass and plastic solutions can be provided together with detailed LCA studies, as well as with extractables testing showing the safety in any conditions of these solutions in respect to conventional ones. To make sustainability a shared culture across the pharma industry, Bormioli Pharma will also provide at its booth an educational experience illustrating the processes underlying the manufacturing of every sustainable product, from raw materials to the container.

“Bormioli Pharma will showcase at CPHI Frankfurt an updated value proposition focused on reliability, offer width, sustainability and innovation” commented Andrea Lodetti, CEO of Bormioli Pharma. “Our aim is to support our pharmaceutical partners not only supplying the packaging solution, but also providing continuous scientific counsel and a service-driven approach to support informed packaging choices. A proactive attitude, in line with our mission: making health a positive practice, accessible to all and kind to the planet”.

Moreover, Bormioli Pharma will focus on its wide primary packaging offer built around the needs of specific segments, showcasing highlights for each of the three product portfolios, addressed to high-value, prescription drugs (forTherapy), daily medications and OTCs (forHealth), nutracuticals and food supplements (forLife).

The first one features an all-in-one system for injectables – including glass vials, rubber stoppers and aluminum seals – which is the result of highly controlled productive processes, advanced services and data-based consultancy. As far as forHealth is concerned, pills dispensers featuring enhanced barrier properties and integrated container-closure configurations are presented. Within the forLife portfolio, the company showcases a number of market-ready solutions for the reconstitution of nutraceuticals and food supplements.