Bormioli Pharma intends to guarantee its customers the highest standard of professional competence, also in terms of quality, integrity and ethical conduct. In this section you can find the Group's main Ethics and Compliance documents, as well as the Sustainability Reports and the Corporate Policy for Safety and the Environment.

Organisational Model 231 and Code of Ethics

Bormioli Pharma S.p.A. has adopted an Organisational, Management and Control Model in compliance with Legislative Decree no. 231 of 2001 with the aim of ensuring that all parts of the company act with integrity and transparency in all activities and relations with public or private entities and individuals.

The task of supervising the adequacy, effectiveness and proper functioning of the Model is assigned to the Supervisory Board.

Bormioli Pharma S.p.A. guarantees the possibility of reporting, in a completely confidential manner, potential unlawful acts relevant for the purposes of Leg. 231/2001 through the following channels:

-integrity line' platform;

- e-mail address:;

- ordinary mail to the address "Viale Giovanni Falcone n.48/A, Parma, 43122 - Italy" indicating as the addressee "Supervisory Body".

The Bormioli Pharma Group has a Code of Ethics, which is an integral and substantial part of the Organisation, Management and Control Model and gathers the ethical principles and rules of conduct in which the Bormioli Pharma Group is mirrored, defining the general discipline which all those who operate within the company are subject to.

Anti-Corruption Procedure

The Bormioli Pharma Group conducts its business with loyalty, fairness, honesty, integrity and transparency.

This procedure is inspired by the principles of conduct set out in the Organisation, Management and Control Model adopted by the Company pursuant to Legislative Decree no. 231 of 8 June 2001 and in the relevant Bormioli Pharma Code of Ethics, constituting a Compliance Standard and being a prescriptive document, applicable to all processes of the Bormioli Pharma Group, which aims to provide all the Group's staff with clear and transparent rules to be followed to ensure compliance with anti-bribery and corruption regulations.

Antitrust Guidelines

The corporate culture of Bormioli Pharma S.p.A. is based on the principles of free competition ("Bormioli" or the "Company"). In the performance of their work, Bormioli's employees are therefore required to fully comply with antitrust law.

The Antitrust Code of Conduct constitutes a consultation tool for the use and benefit of Bormioli Pharma Group's employees who, on Bormioli's behalf, have relations with competitors, customers, suppliers and other stakeholders, in order to identify, in advance and effectively, independently or with the assistance of the Compliance Officer, conducts that could violate competition law.


For the further protection of all stakeholders, the Bormioli Pharma Group has updated its Whistleblowing Procedure, adapting to the new provisions introduced by Directive (EU) 2019/1937 (the so-called EU Whistleblowing Directive), transposed by the various Member States.

This Whistleblowing Procedure is an integral part of the Organisational, Management and Control Model adopted pursuant to Legislative Decree No. 231/2001, and establishes the prerequisites and methods by which employees, collaborators and third parties may report to the Compliance Function (including the Supervisory Board), also anonymously, suspicions of any unlawful conduct, carried out in violation of the provisions of the Model itself, as well as of facts and/or conduct constituting one of the offences provided for by Legislative Decree no. 231 of 2001 and/or other activities that are not compliant with laws, regulations, internal procedures and company policies or in any case likely to cause damage or harm, even simply of image or reputation, to the Bormioli Pharma Group.

The reports in question can be made by employees, collaborators and third parties through a dedicated portal, available at the following link:

The EQS Integrity Line portal intends to provide any subject, including customers and suppliers, with the opportunity to send reports, also in anonymous form, concerning behaviours, risks, offences or irregularities, executed or attempted, to the detriment of the interests of the Bormioli Pharma Group, or, in any case, liable to violate the Model and the Code of Ethics.

More information can be found in the Bormioli Pharma Group Whistleblowing Policy.

Sustainability and Quality

As a supplier of packaging for pharmaceutical use, we strive to offer solutions that have a positive effect on people's well-being and the future of our planet. To this end, we have drawn up and signed a series of documents reaffirming the principles, objectives and rules of conduct that inspire the Group's culture and way of doing business.

In the "ESG Policy & Governance", we identify Bormioli Pharma's sustainable development goals, consistent with some of the UN 2030 Agenda SDGs, and define the structures and processes to be applied to achieve them. Lastly, with the "Sustainability Report", we measure and communicate our activities and performance compared to our targets to our stakeholders .

The "Corporate Policy on Human Rights" defines the principles and commitments undertaken by Bormioli Pharma for the protection and promotion of human rights. These rights, already affirmed in the Code of Ethics, lie at the core of our corporate culture and are to be considered a fundamental element for managing our business responsibly and, at the same time, contributing to the well-being of the community in which we operate.

The "Corporate Safety and Environmental Policy" document encapsulates the criteria that guide us in the management of Quality, Safety and Environmental procedures which mirror the ones described in ISO 9001, ISO 15378, ISO 13485, ISO 45001 and ISO 14001. To ensure compliance with these criteria, our systems are regularly audited by internationally independent certification bodies.