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Bormioli Pharma launches the "Plastic Academy"

The academy aims to train professionals specialised in the processing of plastics.


Pharmaceutical glass: uses, benefits and future directions

Glass, which has always played a leading role in the pharmaceutical packaging industry, stands out for its ability to ensure maximum safety and stability in the preservation of medicines, thanks to its chemical and thermal resistance. Delve into pharmaceutical glass packaging to understand the advantages and uses of this safe and versatile material.


Inclusive and accessible pharmaceutical packaging: a necessity for vulnerable patients

Inclusive and accessible pharmaceutical packaging is designed to provide user-friendly packaging for vulnerable patients too. Learn more about the solutions currently on the market, but also about future prospects for development and application.


Smart packaging, definition and applications

When an advanced degree of technology is applied to packaging, it is commonly referred to as 'smart packaging'. These are real technological solutions, which make packaging more active (or enhanced) and able to communicated with the environment to be more efficient for producers and consumers.


Sustainable packaging in pharmaceuticals

Pharmaceutical packaging companies are called upon to make their products more responsible by embracing a circular economy approach. Find out the direction in which we are going, the materials used and the safety regulations.

Bormioli Pharma announces two new call4ideas with to imagine the future of pharmaceutical packaging

The two contests aim to explore how two digital technologies, such as augmented reality and biometric recognition, can impact the future of pharmaceutical packaging, improving drug delivery and patient safety. In addition to receiving a monetary prize, the winners will have the opportunity to contribute to the development of their project.