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Barrier effect of primary pharmaceutical packaging: medicinal product protection and environmental benefits

Protecting drugs from oxygen, light and moisture is vital for maintaining their stability and effectiveness. The barrier effect of primary pharmaceutical packaging offers this protection, improving patient safety and reducing environmental impact thanks to advanced materials and innovative technologies.

Independent research demonstrates the extreme safety of Bormioli Pharma’s bottles manufactured with Loop Industries’ 100% recycled, virgin quality PET

Developed from PET resin supplied by Loop Industries, Inc., the containers have extractables values well below even conventional solutions in virgin PET under the most challenging conditions.


The types of sustainable plastics in primary pharmaceutical packaging

With the increasing focus on sustainability, the pharmaceutical industry is investing in environmentally friendly packaging solutions. Innovations such as mechanical and chemical recycling, and carbon capture technology and bioplastics aim to reduce environmental impact while ensuring quality and safety. Read more in the full article.


Bormioli Pharma launches the 3rd edition of its ESG Report, reaching the 45% of sustainable materials in sold products with its EcoPositive range

Bormioli Pharma announced today the third edition of its Sustainability Report. This edition outlines and consolidates the strong progress Bormioli Pharma has made in promoting sustainable growth in the communities where the Company live and work and highlights its strong commitment to supporting the pharmaceutical industry in its transition towards environmentally friendly solutions.


The routes of administration of medications and their packaging

The choice of route of administration is crucial for treatment effectiveness, as it influences the pharmacokinetics of the active ingredient. Pharmaceutical packaging is customised to meet specific drug and patient needs, improving efficacy and the administration experience. Read more in the full article.


Bormioli Pharma Expands Capacity and Infrastructure for North American Market; Achieves 47% Sales Growth in the Region During 2023

Bormioli Pharma today announced a significant increase of 47% in its North American sales for 2023. This notable growth is a direct result of the company's rapidly evolving infrastructure and expanded capacity, tailored to meet the unique demands of the North American pharmaceutical market, including an increased need for pharmaceutical glass vials.