Our commitment to the health of people and the planet

Each of us, at whatever level and grade, feels the social responsibility of our role. Therefore, we are committed to creating healthcare solutions that have a positive impact on the well-being of people and the environment. We have designed a line with reduced environmental impact, capable of transforming materials and processes that are negative for the planet into safe and environmentally friendly products.

EcoPositive, our sustainable products

EcoPositive is our range of eco-friendly solutions that includes a vast assortment of products made from sustainable glass and plastic.
Our EcoPositive line is the result of research that began over 15 years ago, and that continues to evolve based on three different approaches.

Our sustainable approaches



Glass and plastic containers made by recycling materials from the external supply chain, certified for pharmaceutical use.



Packaging made from bioplastic derived from renewable plant-based resources.



Products obtained by processing and feeding waste elements, such as glass cullet and CO2 emissions, back into the production cycle.

Innovation for sustainability

Our open and participatory innovation program researches sustainable materials, processes and business models.

“We have taken significant steps towards sustainability, defining a strategic plan based on four areas of action.”

Andrea Lodetti, Bormioli Pharma CEO

Our sustainability plan identifies four types of responsibilities to be pursued: production, organizational, environmental and social.

Be Relevant

We are at the forefront of creating sustainable pharmaceutical packaging. For more than 15 years, we have been researching innovative solutions that respect the planet while preserving the effectiveness of medicines and improving people's health.

Be Reliable

We have adopted a sound and transparent governance model, which is subject to continuous review and updating according to the latest national and international legislation. Sound decision-making processes and appropriate controls are a priority of our Group.

Be Respectful

We seek to minimize the environmental impact of what we do by striving to optimize every aspect of our industrial processes: from using more sustainable raw materials to reducing water and energy consumption by pursuing strategies to integrate renewable sources.

Be Responsive

We support the well-being of people and communities. We take concrete action to make the most out of our talent, to protect the health and safety of those who work with us through the continuous improvement of training and prevention programs, and we support local associations and educational organizations.

Solid results

Our responsible approach translates into firm action. Therefore, we have set medium- to long-term goals to generate positive impact in our four areas of responsibility. First of all, to use 50% sustainable raw materials for our production by 2025.


sustainable raw materials for our production by 2025


reduction in water consumption by 2030


reduction in CO2 emissions by 2030


of our suppliers evaluated by EcoVadis by 2026


gender pay gap by 2028

Latest News

Bormioli Pharma issues its first ESG Report. Among the main objectives: -30% water consumption and CO2 emissions by 2030, 50% use of sustainable raw materials in production

Bormioli Pharma has published its first Sustainability Report according to ESG criteria, a document that reports on the Group's activities in terms of social responsibility during 2021 and that sets medium and long-term improvement objectives in line with its mission: "Making health a positive practice, accessible to all and kind to the planet".

Bormioli Pharma presents groundbreaking scientific data that show the undeniable safety of sustainable plastic packaging for medicines

Bormioli Pharma has presented a set of data highlighting that pharma-grade, sustainable plastic packaging is able to fulfill the strictest requirements of the industry in terms of quality and safety.

Bormioli Pharma launches at Pharmapack Europe “EcoPositive”, a new range of planet-friendly packaging solutions

Bormioli Pharma announces the launch of EcoPositive, a brand new label gathering all the sustainable packaging solutions manufactured by the company.