Bormioli Pharma presents at Pharmapack Europe the evolution of its pharma packaging offer, focused on sustainability and new IoT technologies

Bormioli Pharma will attend Pharmapack Europe in Paris (Porte de Versailles Expo, booth A68-A70) showcasing a quality, data-based, innovative and sustainable product offer, reaffirming its positioning as a robust and reliable partner for the pharma industry.

More in detail, Bormioli Pharma will present to the market new prototypes addressing connectivity, traceability and patient adherence growing requests. For the first time, Bormioli Pharma will showcase a new concept in ophthalmic drugs, a nebulizer (OptiMist) able to administer therapies minimizing waste and making delivery easier and controllable through an app installed on smartphones. This prototype has been conceived from an open innovation process aimed to intercept and address emerging patients’ needs.

Bormioli Pharma will also showcase an IoT, smart-controlled medical device (MediClicker) allowing easy pills dosing, and a traceability, multi-technology solution (Trax) capable to store information along the supply chain and readable both by industrial systems and consumer devices.

Pharmapack Europe will also be the occasion to present the wide primary pharma packaging offer of Bormioli Pharma, with a particular focus on low-impact, more responsible plastic solutions – in rPET, rHDPE, Green PE, PP, Carbon Capture PET – already marketed in the EcoPositive range.

Suitablefor pharmaceutical, nutraceutical and food supplement uses, this range includes – as industrial products – 3 different lines of low-impact packaging solutions, based on 3 different sustainability strategies,on which Bormioli Pharma is at the forefront:

  • Regenerate: glass and plastic packaging recycled from first-choice waste collection
  • Renew:bioplastic packaging derived from renewable sources
  • Reloop: glass and advanced polymer products made from infinitely reusable materials

These glass and plastic solutions can be provided together with detailed LCA studies, as well as with extractables testing showing the safety in any conditions of these solutions in respect to conventional ones.

“IoT and sustainability are playing an increasingly key role in healthcare, changing the way we will look at pharma packaging in a few years from now” commented Andrea Lodetti, CEO of Bormioli Pharma. “At Pharmapack 2023 we will showcase our most recent developments addressing these challenges, supporting with effective solutions our mission: making health a positive practice, accessible to everyone and kind to the planet”.

The new frontiers of sustainable packaging will be also object of a learning lab, held on 2nd February from 12.10pm by Roberto Valenti, Head of Materials Development in the company.

In this occasion, it will be unveiled the two-way methodology used by Bormioli Pharma to implement sustainability in pharma packaging, based on data as well as a visionary, restless innovation research to anticipate future trends and evolutions, also disclosing the three drivers which are defining the Group’s mid-long strategy in terms of product sustainability.