EcoPositive, Sustainability put into Action

At the heart of our responsible approach there is product sustainability. The commitment to manufacturing low-impact products guides our operations today and inspires our roadmap for tomorrow. We have a bold, challenging target: reaching 50% sustainable raw materials in production by 2025. To turn this objective into a solid fact, we have defined a five-year product plan, that mainly leverages on three different approaches.


Regenerate includes glass and plastic containers that are certified for pharmaceutical use, such as rPET or rHDPE bottles, and which are made by recycling materials from external supply chains .

Significant reduction in new plastic production

Giving new life to waste

Conservation of natural resources


Renew collects packaging made from bioplastics derived from renewable plant-based resources, such as pillboxes made from Green PE, a material produced from sugar cane.

Reduction of fossil fuel consumption

Offering a green alternative to plastics

Recovery of vegetal leftovers


Reloop features products obtained by processing and feeding waste elements back into the production cycle, such as bottles made from cullet or from Carbon Capture PET, a special material that gives new life to CO2 emissions.

Reduction of atmosphere pollution

Saving of process-related energy

Generation of virgin-quality products