for Life

Our forLife portfolio offers packaging solutions that address people's well-being needs, proposing innovative, sustainability-oriented solutions. Kits for oral products, both traditional and reconstitution, and containers for cosmetics are part of this proposal.

Oral kits

Our oral kits combine bottles, closures, and dispensing accessories to provide answers to all major needs related to wellness products, such as multi-vitamin drops, herbal tablets, or vegetable medicines. With emphasis on safety, reliability and sustainability.

Dual Chamber Reconstitutables


An active system to reconstitute powdered products into liquids and remove moisture. Exclusive Driex technology allows for extended shelf life of dietary supplements and probiotics, and ensures extreme ease of use.

Cosmetic kits

Kits and bottles for cosmetic products are characterized by pharmaceutical-grade quality, allowing the product to be positioned at the high end of the market. Thanks to decades of research in the field of sustainability, the entire range is also available in EcoPositive materials.

Cosmetic containers