Our forTherapy range includes complete packaging systems designed for maximum dosing accuracy. Parenteral systems, oral drug delivery solutions, and ophthalmic kits are some of the proposals we have designed for drugs that require the highest professional performance.

Parenteral systems

Intended for drugs such as vaccines and general anesthetics, our injection and infusion systems ensure the integrity and efficacy of the treatments they contain, as well as the safety of end users.


Tubing Glass Vials

Chosen by the world's leading pharmaceutical companies, our tubular glass bottles are produced in the Group's German hub of excellence.
We accompany customers in product selection with a dedicated consulting service, offering the possibility to complete the solution with rubber and aluminum gears.



A range of borosilicate glass bottles made using advanced manufacturing technology, which ensures greater chemical and thermal stability, greater strength and thus better performance in line and in product safety.

Oral systems

Our oral systems are designed to meet the needs of high-value therapies, such as reconstitution antibiotics. Robust closure devices and high-precision dosing systems ensure product protection and dispensing accuracy.

Dual Chamber Reconstitutables


A drug reconstitution system that protects the active ingredients of products and extends their shelf life. The design is conceived to ensure process repeatability, product safety, and ease of use.

Ophthalmic and topical systems

Our ophthalmic and topical drug bottles and accessories are manufactured in highly controlled environments. They are designed to ensure total drug inalterability, following a design that guarantees minimal waste and efficient storage.

Nasal e Mouth Spray

Laboratory bottles

Our series of laboratory bottles is designed for clinical testing and includes glass containers of all sizes and formats to meet all major needs related to diagnostic tests.

Chromatography and Reagents