Our forHealth range includes endless packaging combinations designed to be safe and easy to use. Oral systems, ophthalmic dispensers, and nasal bottles are among the products we have created for everyday medications.

Oral solutions

Our oral packaging includes a very wide range of combinable solutions, for all dosage and product types, such as syrups, antipyretics, and analgesic tablets. The range includes highly outdoor-resistant solutions that increase moisture protection by up to 50 percent.


Safe & Easy

A pediatric syrup system that protects children from accidental ingestion of small parts, simplifies drug administration by parents, and ensures high dosing accuracy.


Barrier Bottles

A range of plastic bottles designed to preserve the stability of the drug, protecting it from alterations caused by external agents, such as moisture, oxygen and sunlight.

Ophthalmic and topical solutions

Our dedicated dispensers for ophthalmic and topical drugs are designed both to make the patient's user experience easier and safer, and to facilitate pharmaceutical industry processes, such as sterilization.

Nasal e Mouth Spray