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Bormioli Pharma Invents. With you.

The future of healthcare is fascinating. Digital. Personal. Inventive.
That’s why Bormioli Pharma Invents was created. To imagine what the future of healthcare might
look like and to turn today’s ideas into tomorrow’s health breakthroughs.

—— Open to other innovators around the world

Bormioli Pharma Invents is a corporate programme based on an Open Innovation Model. Patients’ needs and habits drive it far beyond our research labs, connecting internal R&D with start-ups, Universities, suppliers and clients.

—— At Bormioli Pharma, ideas never stand still

We create a porous environment that generates new value, where people are continuously stimulated towards open-minded and innovative ways to work. Workshops, innovation sprints, design thinking and fast factory activities empower us to achieve this objective.
How will we gear up with diversified needs? Will connectivity become our sixth sense?
Will supply chain transparency become a bridge between people and brands? How can we take action
to create a more responsible future? These and other questions inspired the trends we follow.


The more people find our products easy to use, the more their therapies will be successful. With patient experience in mind, we continuously invent new ways to improve our packaging’s usability.
Easier to use. Better for health.


Technology enables people to take control of their health like never before. Our products are developed to play their role. They connect and react to devices, interfaces and the demands of users.
More connected.
More patient empowerment.


Today, packaging means information-transmission. As the need for traceability keeps growing, we keep inventing new ways to keep trace of our products’ journey. Anytime and anywhere in the world.
Better checking. Better supply chain.


Our environment is asking us for big changes. And we are ready to make them. Every day we take action to imagine new materials, new packaging design and new productive processes.
More sustainable.
Better for the environment.

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