Barrier materials

We have developed new bottles in LPDE and especially in HDPE that allow the unit weight of the product to be reduced by up to 28%, ensuring lower raw material use and benefiting the environment. These solutions are designed to offer better protection against moisture, which is 50% higher than that achieved with bottles made from standard materials.

A solution for:

Reduce environmental impact

Increase moisture impermeability

Use this solution on any bottle

How it works

These solutions, approved for contact with food in the EU and US and USP and ready to market, combine the need to apply more sustainable processes with the need to ensure adequate protection for medicines. Normally, the objective of improving the barrier properties of a bottle is pursued by increasing the thickness of the container or by adding other materials that increase the barrier but impair its proper recyclability. In this case, however, it is the material of which the bottle is made that performs the protective function, offering enhanced levels of performance. Lowering the unit weight offers advantages in terms of production, logistics and post-consumption, such as reduced use of raw materials, reduced use of water and energy, reduced impact on transport and storage, and it also lowers the amount of plastic to be recycled after use.