A capsule with integrated biometric recognition which, by reading the fingerprint directly on the device or via smartphone, allows the authorised patient to open the pharmaceutical package. The system, linked to a dedicated app, also allows the administration of the medicine to be managed, thus making it simpler for the user to take the treatment correctly and at the same time, it eliminates the risks of improper intake.

A solution for:

raise safety standards

facilitating theintroduction of customised medicine

improve therapeutic adherence

How it works

ID-Cap is installed on the opening of the bottle containing the medicine in place of the traditional childproof lock. To allow the capsule to be opened, simply place your finger on the fingerprint recognition sensor, which can be found directly on the cap or in a dedicated app, and a green light will indicate that it is possible to turn and remove the capsule. Should an unauthorised user try to open the capsule, the system will inhibit access and signal this with a red light. Once the required dose of medicine has been taken, simply close the container by touching the biometric sensor again. The package will remain sealed until the next authorisation, and the app will provide the patient with the necessary information for the correct management of the treatment.