An IoT nebuliser for ophthalmic medicines that revolutionises the traditional way of administering drops.

A solution for:

Rethinking the administration of ophthalmic medicinal products

Improving therapy management

Ensuring greater ease of application

How it works

The upper part of the device has a compartment designed to accommodate the bottle containing the ophthalmic formulation. Once the container has been inserted, it is possible to dose the drug administration via a dedicated app and, following the directions that appear on the device's integrated display, start nebulisation through a single, clearly visible button. The user simply brings the device close to the face, touching the silicone applicator to the eye area and then administering the treatment to one or both eyes. In addition, the digital display provides useful feedback to optimise product use and improve patient adherence to therapy.
The customised app connected to the device not only makes it even easier to control and programme administration, but also allows external environmental parameters, such as temperature and humidity, to be monitored in order to adapt it to external conditions.