Our collaborations

Bormioli Pharma collaborates on an ongoing basis with local and international institutions, universities and centres of excellence. It promotes research and training projects aimed at the development of innovative technologies and materials.

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Glass Futures

We adopt innovative manufacturing technologies, control processes, and materials to create products that meet the most stringent international quality standards, including the American, Italian and Japanese pharmacopoeia. For medical practices to evolve and push the boundaries of care ever further.


Bormioli Pharma is collaborating with IMEM (Institute of Materials for Electronics and Magnetism) - CNR (National Research Council) within the framework of a Research Centre dedicated to glass - where, through the activation of a three-year PhD scholarship, new formulations will be developed to increase the performance of glass, both chemically and mechanically.

VIT Consortium

Bormioli Pharma is part of the international VIT consortium - co-ordinated by the University of Parma in collaboration with universities of excellence such as the University of Vienna, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in Boston and the University of Chalmers- for the development of next-generation recyclable polymers with potential applications in pharmaceutical packaging.
El proyecto VIT está etiquetado como parte del programa de investigación europeo H2020.

Latest news

Bormioli Pharma and Pierre Fabre develop a 100% recycled PET packaging for ELUDRIL® brand mouthwashes

Bormioli Pharma and Pierre Fabre, a French pharmaceutical and dermo-cosmetic group present in more than 100 countries, are consolidating their partnership started in 2020 through an innovative initiative in eco-design and sustainable development.

Bormioli Pharma launches new call for ideas in collaboration with Desall.com

Bormioli Pharma announces today the launch of a new call for ideas in collaboration with the open innovation platform Desall.com.

Bormioli Pharma joins the Glass Futures project to make glass ever more sustainable

Bormioli Pharma has become a member of Glass Futures, a UK-based not-for-profit company operating to reduce the environmental impact of glass production.

Bormioli Pharma is part of the VIT international consortium for the study of new advanced sustainable materials

Bormioli Pharma has joined the international VIT consortium, coordinated by the University of Parma in collaboration with universities of excellence such as the University of Vienna and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) of Boston.

Innovation: Bormioli Pharma launches a new project for the most fragile patient categories

Packaging inclusion and accessibility are at the center of the latest innovation cycle launched by Bormioli Pharma, which, for the third consecutive year, has renewed its collaboration with H-FARM.