Innovation: Bormioli Pharma launches a new project for the most fragile patient categories

Packaging inclusion and accessibility are at the center of the latest innovation cycle launched by Bormioli Pharma, which, for the third consecutive year, has renewed its collaboration with H-FARM.

There are more than a billion people worldwide with some form of disability, and for many of them the use of everyday objects is difficult, if not impossible. This includes the field of pharmaceutical packaging, whereby these issues must be discussed more broadly and more frequently.

With the aim of trying to find concrete solutions to these needs, in recent months we have studied available literature such as several ISO guidelines and an interesting document published by the Design Division at Arthritis Australia. We have also conducted European-wide interviews in order to better identify the main “barriers” to the use of traditional pharmaceutical containers.
Based on the information collected, over the course of the year we will develop prototypes with ergonomic and design features that are suitable for the most fragile patients in the opening, dosing and handling of packaging products.

With this initiative, Bormioli Pharma affirms its commitment to offering packaging systems that increasingly simplify patient-drug interaction, contributing – by means of innovative solutions – to the definition of new standards that allow for more equal access to therapies.