Bormioli Pharma launches new call for ideas in collaboration with

Bormioli Pharma announces today the launch of a new call for ideas in collaboration with the open innovation platform

After the success of the last year’s contest, the company confirms the importance of a crowdsourcing approach to multiply and accelerate its development efforts. Indeed, the international innovation community will be called to submit new pharma packaging product concepts related to three specific development areas.

• New ways for the delivery of ophthalmic drugs
• Innovative dosing systems for ophthalmic medicines
• A new container shape for infusion therapies

These directions are the outcomes of an idea generation process – supported by design thinking methodologies – that Bormioli Pharma has carried out with its innovation partner H-Farm Innovation. This process, involving cross-functional teams from the whole company, has generated 28 ideas. After an internal selection, the three best ideas have been chosen to become the starting point for the new calls for ideas.
All the three contests are already open on the platform.

“We are constantly looking for innovative ideas to propose to the pharmaceutical market and to develop in co-responsibility with our partners” commented Andrea Lodetti, CEO of Bormioli Pharma. “We believe in an open innovation approach and we decided to broaden our collaboration with international designers, inventors and creatives, challenging them to provide new solutions for a highly technical field, as the one of pharmaceutical delivery systems”.

The winners of the contests will be awarded with a monetary compensation and will be considered by Bormioli Pharma for further collaboration on effective concept development, transforming it from paper into a prototype and then into a marketable, industrialized product.

This new call for ideas follows on last year’s contest launched with Desall on a new dispenser design, that has generated the submission of 73 projects from 19 countries and 4 different continents, most of which featuring detailed concept analysis.