We work for quality, every day

From attention to materials to dialogue with partners of excellence, from staff skills to strict control of production processes, quality is a focus across the board in our organization. Oriented toward creating products that are sustainable throughout their life cycle, quality at Bormioli Pharma goes beyond meeting the standards required by the market - it is a responsibility to patients.

We want to be a partner for our customers


Continuously improving materials, processes and business models, always with a watchful eye on sustainability.


Offering integrated solutions that meet all the needs of the pharmaceutical industry.


Ensuring excellent performance in preserving drug integrity and efficacy, while also employing manufacturing technologies that comply with all social and environmental safety standards.

Our guidelines


Expanding product ranges

Constant search for innovative solutions with certified effectiveness and functionality to expand business offerings and provide concrete answers to the needs of customers and patients.


Optimizing production processes

Adopting technologies that can control compliance standards, and ensure flexibility, waste reduction, and rationalization in the use of natural and energy resources.


Preventing and mitigating risk

Continuous analysis of processes, activities, products and services for improved quality levels, ecological performance, and protection from occupational hazards.


Promoting co-partnership

From our relationship with suppliers to that with our customers, we apply a co-responsibility model aimed not only at achieving the result, but also at creating shared value.


Spreading a culture of quality

Staff training, awareness and participation as tools to ensure a culture geared toward prevention, safety and mutual respect.

Download certifications

Our commitment to quality is based on our focus on safety and compliance with environmental and social standards, as evidenced by the international certifications that guarantee our products and processes.