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Only an obsession with perfecting the small things can make the big things possible.

Each item of packaging, every single detail that we design, is manufactured with one objective in mind: to improve everyone’s life. That’s why we designed three different Portfolios, shaped to meet people’s specific product requirements and needs.
We are right there wherever medicines, drugs and well-being products are needed the most.



  • For Therapy
  • For Health
  • For Life


For Therapy

Our Therapy Portfolio includes the latest packaging technologies for professional use, prescription drugs, and medicines for the treatment of chronic diseases.

Guaranteeing Therapies

with expert, accurate packaging systems

Product Perfection

100% in-line controls, the purest materials and robust production processes:
product perfection is the core of our Therapy portfolio.

Accurate Design

Meticulous design, endless studying of mechanisms and expert drug-dosing logic make our products extremely reliable for professionals and ideal for enhancing patient adherence.

High-Value Services

We go above and beyond packaging. We offer high-value services
designed to support you and your business along the entire pharma value chain.

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For Health

Our Health Portfolio includes easy-to-use, safe and effective packaging for everyday medications.

Enabling Health

with easy-to-use, safe packaging solutions

Endless Choices

Material, size, neck-finish, shape: every single product in our Health portfolio has multiple configuration options and can be combined with many other products in the range.

Reliable Design

Functionality, patient safety, drug protection – these are the goals we aim to meet when designing even the smallest details of our packaging solutions.


People’s needs and behaviours evolve rapidly. So do our Health products, which are constantly improved to make drug administration easier, faster and more intuitive.

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For Life

Our Life Portfolio includes smart packaging solutions for well-being products that help customers live their lives to the fullest.

Unleashing Life

with attractive, clever packaging ideas

Life-inspired Packaging

Different lifestyles and ever-evolving consumer needs are the inspiration for our Life products, designed to improve people’s daily habits and routines.

Exceptional Systems

Unique product concepts and fully-customisable product finishes:
as we care about what’s inside our packaging, we also care about making it different.

Focus on Sustainability

What we use today should not impact our planet tomorrow: that’s why our Life products can also be crafted using eco-friendly materials.

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