Our safety culture

The safety and well-being of the people who make up our community are essential. With a special focus on those who work in the our plants, we take all necessary measures for their protection and training, where they undergo a shared path of personal and team growth. Only then does the culture of safety become a value generator for the company and a tool for protecting people.

Our principles, our actions

Prevention and monitoring

Strict procedures and controls

Training and awareness

Transparency, collaboration, accountability

Spreading safety awareness means entrusting people with a proactive role, providing them with the tools to be key players in a system that goes beyond regulations. Training through new methods of engagement, always-accessible procedures, monitoring and verification systems, and above all, daily interaction among colleagues. These are the elements on which we base our commitment to safety, and which have enabled us to drastically reduce the number of workplace accidents in recent years. In cooperation with workers, through reports, checklists, and dedicated meetings, we constantly assess risks and critical situations in order to implement immediate corrective measures to which visibility is given, thanks to an extensive information system. Internal communication channels, which are always open and two-way, enable us to promote a safety culture based on cooperation, transparency and mutual accountability. At Bormioli Pharma, it is not enough for us to "do things well", but we want to "do them well and safely".