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  1. Statement on the processing of personal data pursuant to article 13 of EU Regulation 2016/679

    Pursuant to article 13 of EU Regulation 679/2016 (also “Regulation” hereinafter) on the protection of personal data, this statement provides required information with regard to the Processing of personal data provided by users (“Users” hereinafter) of the website (the “Site” hereinafter).
    The statement is not to be considered valid for other websites that may be reachable via links on the Site: this Site cannot be considered responsible in any way for third party websites.
    This statement is also delivered pursuant to Recommendation n° 2/2001 which the European authorities for the protection of personal data, part of the Group established under article 29 of directive n° 95/46/EC, adopted 17 May 2001 in determining certain minimum requirements for the collection of personal data on-line and, in particular, the methods and times and the nature of the information that controllers of processing must convey to Users when connecting to web pages, regardless of the purposes for which the connection is intended.

    “Controller”, location and methods of processing data
    Pursuant to article 28 of the Regulation, the Data Processing Controller is Bormioli Pharma S.p.a. (also “Bormioli” or the “Company” hereinafter), with registered office at Via Corso Magenta 84, 20123 Milan (MI), and operational/administrative headquarters at via Torrente Bratica, angolo via Sporzana, 43124, Parma (PR), in the person of its pro-tempore legal representative.
    Data processing wiIl take place at the premises of Bormioli, using automated and manual procedures and adopting methods and media designed to guarantee maximum security and confidentiality, performed by persons or entities appointed for the purpose (including those who may be entrusted occasionally with maintenance tasks) in accordance with articles 32 et seq of the Regulation. Data will be stored for a duration no longer than necessary to meet the purposes for which the items of data were collected and then processed.
    Data deriving from the web service can be communicated to technological and instrumental partners appointed by Bormioli to deliver the services requested by Users.
    Personal data provided by Users who submit requests to receive informative material (requests for information, answers to queries, etc.) or other communications (orders) will be utilized solely for the purpose of providing the information or the service requested, and communicated to third parties only if effectively necessary (provision of requested services by way of technological and instrumental partners).

    Types of data processed

    Personal and identification data
    Personal data is taken to mean all information relative to physical persons, identified or identifiable directly or indirectly by reference to any other information, comprising a personal identification number. Identification data, on the other hand, means personal data allowing direct identification of the data subject (e.g. name, surname, date of birth, residence or domicile, e-mail address, telephone numbers, etc.).

    Browsing data
    Computer systems and software procedures used to run the Site website will acquire certain items of personal data as part of their normal operation; the transmission of such data is an inherent feature of Internet communication protocols. Whilst this is not information collected so that it can be matched with identified data subjects, it can however, by its very nature, allow Users to be identified as a result of being processed and matched with data held by third parties. This category of data includes the IP addresses or domain names of computers utilized by Users, the URI (Uniform Resource Identifier) addresses of requested resources, the time the request is made, the method used for submitting the request to the server, the size of the returned file, the numerical code indicating the status of the response given by the server (successful, error, etc.) and other parameters relative to the operating system and the computer environment of the User. Browsing data could be utilized to ascertain liability in the event of possible cyber attacks against the Site.

    Data supplied voluntarily by the User
    Sending optional, explicit and voluntary emails to addresses indicated on the Site and/or filling in data collection forms, will result in subsequent capture of the sender's address, which is needed in order to reply to requests, and of any other personal data included in the message. Specific statements will be shown or displayed progressively on the pages of the Site dedicated to particular on-demand services.

    Purposes of processing, for which consent is given where required under the Regulation
    Personal data made available by the User to Bormioli Parma will be used not only for all purposes permitted by law, but also to manage and fill the Company's orders or purchase proposals and provide additional services to Users, as well as to accommodate their specific requests.
    In particular, data of a personal and possibly sensitive nature, supplied voluntarily, will be processed for the following purposes:
    • browsing on the Site;
    • possible contact request, with transmission of information requested by the User;
    • administrative and accounting activities generally. To ensure the application of requirements regarding personal data protection, processing operations carried out for administrative and accounting purposes are those connected with the running of activities of an organizational, administrative, financial and accounting nature, whatever the nature of the actual data processed. In particular, these purposes are served by internal organizational activities, those instrumental to the fulfilment of contractual and precontractual obligations, and that of providing information;

    Communication and circulation of User data
    Data supplied by the User and subject to processing will not be available for circulation, albeit such data can be communicated by Bormioli Pharma to (i) subsidiaries and/or companies belonging to the group in accordance with and within the limits of articles 44 et seq. of the Regulation; (ii) any parties doing work for or providing services to Bormioli Pharma that may be instrumental to the purposes of point 3 above; (iii) suppliers, banks and/or insurance companies or, more generally, other individuals/entities acting on behalf of Bormioli Pharma in performing the activities of point 3 above, or activities connected therewith or instrumental thereto; (iv) consultants advising Bormioli Pharma in a variety of roles, on legal, tax, welfare, accounting and organizational matters; (v) any other individual/entity/authority to whom the data must be communicated under statutory regulations.

    Supplying data and consequences of any refusal to do so
    Aside from the capture and use of browsing data explained previously, the supplying of personal data by the User is voluntary.
    This said, in the event of a refusal, or that the data supplied is found to be inexact and/or incomplete, it may prove impossible, with no liability on the part of Bormioli, to process and/or fill orders or purchase proposals submitted by the User, and in general to implement the activities indicated in point 3 above.

    Rights of Data Subject
    Pursuant to article 15 et seq of EU Regulation 679/2016, you can exercise your statutory rights at any time by contacting the Controller of data processing, in order to obtain confirmation as to the existence of your personal data and request communication of the details in intelligible form. You are also entitled to request that your personal data be updated, amended, augmented, or deleted, or that the scope of processing be limited, also to oppose the processing of your data entirely or in part, for justifiable reasons, even though pertinent to the purpose of collection.
    Pursuant to article 77 of EU Regulation 679/2016, you are also entitled to lodge a complaint with the Italian Data Protection Authority, should you consider the processing of your data to be in breach of the Regulation.
    All of the above noted requests can be submitted by e-mail to or by standard mail addressed to: Bormioli Pharma S.p.a., via Torrente Bratica, angolo via Sporzana – 43124 Parma (PR).

    Changes to privacy policy statement
    The right is reserved by Bormioli Pharma to edit, update and add or remove parts of the present privacy policy statement, at its own discretion and at any time. The User is expected to check periodically for possible changes. To facilitate such checks, the statement will contain an indication as to when updates were applied. Once changes have been published, continued use of the Site shall constitute acceptance of the changes.

    The following sections explain more about the different ways cookies are used. It is possible to prevent certain cookies or even all cookies from being saved, if so desired. In this case, however, the site and the services it offers may not function as expected.

    Strictly necessary cookies
    These cookies are essential for the correct operation of the site. They allow the user to browse pages, as well as tailoring the operation of the Site to meet the expectations of the user and memorizing choices made by the user during previous visits.
    Without these cookies, we would not be able to provide the services for which users visit the site.

    Performance cookies
    These cookies provide information on how visitors use the site, so that the way it works can be evaluated and improved. For example, they indicate which pages are visited more or less than others. They also keep track, amongst other things, of the number of visitors, the time spent by users on the site, and the search methods utilized. In this way, we can learn what it is that works best and what to improve, besides being certain that the pages of the site load quickly and are displayed correctly.
    All the information gathered by these cookies is anonymous, with no links to the personal data of the user. We use the services of Google, Adobe and Marin Software to carry out these functions.

    Functionality cookies
    These cookies allow a site to offer advanced functionalities, as well as more personal information and functions. This includes the facility of viewing videos on YouTube, providing information on selected products and activities conducted by Bormioli and allowing users to share content by way of social networks.
    These services are offered principally by external operators. If the user has an account or utilizes the services of such operators on other Websites, they would be able to see that the user has visited our sites. The use of data gathered by these external operators using cookies is subject to respective privacy policies; accordingly, such cookies are identified with the names of the respective subjects.

    Refusal to accept cookies
    Users who are worried about the use of cookies can take steps to disallow their installation, for example by changing the configuration of the browser to block certain types.
    For detailed information on the requisite procedure, the browser help pages can be consulted. For an overview of the most commonly used browsers, visit or
    Advertising companies allow the user to block the reception of targeted messages, if so desired. This does not prevent cookies from being deposited, but interrupts their use and disallows the collection of certain items of data by advertisers. For more information and guidance on privacy settings, visit
    Data can be processed using IT, hard copy, digital, electronic and magnetic media. The data collected will be stored and safeguarded at the premises of Bormioli Pharma. Collected data will be processed exclusively for the purposes stated above and can be communicated to subsidiary, parent, affiliate or other companies connected to Bormioli Pharma in any way, in Italy or abroad.
    In compliance with required minimum security measures, your data can also be communicated to law enforcement agencies and other public and private entities to ensure the fulfilment of statutory obligations concerning tax, administrative, financial and similar matters. On no account will data be disclosed to third parties.
    Your personal data will be stored for a period of time no longer than is required to accomplish the purposes for which it was processed.
    Pursuant to article 15 of the Regulation, you can exercise your rights of access at any time by contacting the Controller of data processing, obtaining confirmation as to the existence of your personal data and requesting communication of the details in intelligible form. Furthermore, you will be entitled to request that your personal data be updated, amended, augmented or deleted, or that the scope of processing be limited. Lastly, you will be entitled to oppose the processing of your personal data entirely or in part, for justifiable reasons, even though pertinent to the purpose of collection, likewise the mailing of advertising or direct sales material, or market research questionnaires or commercial literature, by contacting the Controller of data processing, who, on request, will also provide a full and updated list of persons or entities entrusted with the processing of your data.
    Your statutory rights also include lodging complaints with the Italian Data Protection Authority.

    The Controller of Data Processing is Bormioli Pharma S.p.a. with administrative headquarters at via Torrente Bratica, angolo via Sporzana, 43124, Parma (Parma), and registered office at Via Corso Magenta 84, 20123 Milan (MI).

    I authorize the processing of personal data in accordance with article13 of EU Regulation n° 679/2016

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