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Pharmapack: Bormioli Pharma reveals a new innovative and technological brand-experience.

07 February 2019 2 min reading

Bormioli Pharma will attend Pharmapack Europe, offering its visitors a renewed visit experience with an interactive installation, presenting the new brand identity and the products in an innovative way.

The new booth concept is based on a broader process of a corporate brand identity redefinition, which will be presented during the fair. The new brand identity will be the manifesto of the new Bormioli Pharma, giving life to the very concept animating every day’s company behavior: Small part, Big impact.

The Italian architect and innovator Carlo Ratti will curate the installation, which is the first step of a long-term partnership between Bormioli Pharma and the Carlo Ratti Associati.

Carlo Ratti Associati (International design and innovation practice) explains below how they managed to combine these elements in the project.

What is the inspiration behind the project by Carlo Ratti Associati for Bormioli Pharma?

Digital technologies are changing our lives, from mobility to data gathering and sharing, to living spaces. The pharmaceutical industry is changing as well. Thanks to digital technology, it is possible to offer increasingly clear information and to improve communication with customers in the name of transparency and awareness, showing how small details and elements can make the difference.

The innovation applied to packaging products deserves a special mention. The digital world allows us to imagine an additional layer of information: a dialogue between the “web world” and the real one. The interactive experience of the booth allows to enter the Bormioli Pharma world in a new way, getting to know the products and the company’s attention to environmental issues.

The Paris booth was born in a crucial moment for Bormioli Pharma, with the new group logo launch and the need for an integration of digital tools. How did you read this challenge?

We aimed to represent this new image, combining Bormioli Pharma’s experience in the creation of pharma packaging, such as those of digital interaction. Sensors and networks have long begun to penetrate the fabric of our cities. Thanks to the latest advances in artificial intelligence, new scenarios are opening on how we approach the “information world”. Bormioli Pharma’s booth is an important step for us and pushes for a fusion and a positive synergy between the digital and the physical world.

Apart from the packaging, we think for example about a catalog, which becomes a starting point and a gateway to new information and interactions. In Paris, through a digital platform, the visitor can access and deepen the characteristics of each product, while a field of lights and glass containers lights up dynamically. Almost like an interactive flower field.

An interactive field of flowers. An artistic and symbolic picture.

That’s right. A field of wheat full of flowers: glass packaging becomes like the petals of many transparent stems. In this way, the installation becomes an evocative and “dynamic” space, which lights up with different colors depending on the input coming from the users. A simple tool such as a catalog becomes the bearer of a new experience: between digital inputs and artistic suggestions that at the same time are a tribute to the Parisian soul of this installation.

About Carlo Ratti Associati

Carlo Ratti Associati is an international design and innovation office based in Turin, Italy, with branches in New York and London. Drawing on Carlo Ratti’s research at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Senseable City Lab, the practice is currently involved in many projects across the globe, embracing every scale of intervention – from furniture to urban planning. The work of the practice merges design with cutting-edge digital technologies, to contribute to the creation of an architecture “that senses and responds”.

07 February 2019