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Organizational model

Bormioli Pharma strives to guarantee its customers the highest standard of professional competence, also in terms of quality, integrity and ethical conduct. In this section you can find the company’s Code of Ethics which sets out to formalise the principles and good rules of conduct in place within the company, the company’s Safety and Environment Policy and the Declaration Against Modern Practices of Slavery.

The Code of Ethics forms an integral part of the Organisation, Management and Control Model which establishes the prerequisites and methods via which employees, collaborators and third parties can report any suspicions they may have of illegal conduct being carried out in violation of the provisions set out in the aforementioned Model to the Supervisory Body, along with any other facts and/or behaviours constituting one of the crimes covered by Italian Legislative Decree 231/2001 and/or other activities that do not comply with laws, regulations, company procedures and policies. We guarantee the management, analysis and handling of whistleblowing reports that are sent by anyone and the outcome of the investigation could be presented to Supervisory Body and to the top management of Bormioli Pharma S.p.a. and its subsidiaries.
Access to the form below will permit initiation of a process for receiving, analysing and dealing with reports while guaranteeing the anonymity, i.e. the confidentiality of the reporting person’s identity and of the persons reported to ensure that they are not subject to any form of retaliation. Reports must in any case be founded and consequently based on precise and consistent elements. The informer is therefore invited to describe the facts being reported accurately, indicating the people involved and/or who may have information on said facts, attaching to the form all documentation considered relevant.
If the report being investigated is signed by the informer and proves to be manifestly unfounded and made with malicious intent or gross negligence by the reporting person, disciplinary proceedings may be taken out against the latter by the Supervisory Body.

Without prejudice to the above, reports may also still be sent by registered mail with return receipt, either anonymously or otherwise, to the following address: : Viale Giovanni Falcone, 48/a – 43122, Parma (PR), Italy, to the attention of the Supervisory Body.
Before proceeding, the Whistleblower is invited to read the relevant policy “Whistleblowing report handling”, copy of which is attached.

Code of EthicsDeclaration Against Modern Practices of SlaveryQuality, Safety and Enviroment PolicyWhistleblowing report handling procedure