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Andrea Lodetti, Bormioli Pharma’s New CEO.

08 March 2017 2 min reading

Following the establishment of Bormioli Pharma as an independent company owned by the investment funds advised by Triton, a new Chief Executive Officer has been appointed: Andrea Lodetti.

Lodetti has a solid and extensive background in managing complex B2B markets and has previously served as CEO of a listed industrial holding, where he successfully carried out a thorough financial and industrial reorganization plan.

Speaking about his expectations on this new role, Lodetti said: “Bormioli Pharma has a strong development potential and operates in a market that is expected to grow significantly in the next years” and continued: “My role is to turn the company’s potential into results, empowering Bormioli Pharma to profitably ride the growth wave of the market”.

Thanks to his industry-focused career journey, Lodetti is the key person to lead and accelerate the execution of the long-term strategic plan of Bormioli Pharma, aimed at reinforcing its specialization in pharmaceutical packaging. Main leverage of this process will be the consolidation and further development of the manufacturing footprint that is essential to keep the company aligned with the ever-evolving requirements of the pharmaceutical industry, especially in terms of service, quality and innovation.

The appointment of the new CEO represents for Bormioli Pharma a step forward along its transformational journey: from a trusted packaging supplier to a privileged partner of the global pharmaceutical industry.