Bormioli Pharma is the ideal partner for the pharmaceuticals industry, thanks to an integrated packaging offer (glass and plastic bottles, closures and accessories), based on state-of-the-art materials and technologies.

Bormioli Pharma produces transparent and amber bottles in glass type I, II, III for syrups, antibiotics, reagents, infusions, drops and tablet containers. The offer is complemented by a wide range of child proof and tamper evident caps, bottles in PET, PE, PP and plastic accessories (droppers, dosage cups and spoons, dosage syringe etc..). Bormioli Pharma can rely on three clean rooms for preparing its plastic packaging solutions for pharmaceuticals, and especially for the ophthalmic sector.

Besides, processing phases that have been successfully proposed on the market for years include plastic coating and decoration.

The group is certified ISO 9001 and ISO 15378 (GMP) and registered with the main international control organizations.


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