The Bormioli Rocco group company acquires Neubor Glass

The Bormioli Rocco group acquires Neubor Glass.

Bormioli Rocco has acquired, in April 2013, a majority share of Neubor Glass, a glass producer having their headquarters in San Vito al Tagliamento (PN).

Neubor Glass manufactures glassware in compliance with the high technical standards required by the pharmaceutical industry. Thanks to this acquisition Bormioli Rocco will be able to enhance the production of type I flint moulded glass, a very important product in the range of glasses made by the Pharma B.U. of Bormioli Rocco.

In accordance with this strategy, the acquisition will also enlarge the wide range of products meant for pharmaceutical packaging by Bormioli Rocco, therefore creating a complete line of containers for injectable medicines, including vaccines and antibiotics, as well as for oncology drugs and blood products. Bormioli Rocco will then be able to produce a complete range of containers for parenteral administration of medicaments.

Following the acquisition, Bormioli Rocco will be able to produce type I, type II and type III glass bottles and vials.

The OOO Altair company, having their headquarters in Saint Petersburg, will partner with Bormioli in the acquisition. Altair is an important manufacturer and distributor in the Russian pharmaceutical market, which will significantly contribute to Bormioli expansion in the Russian market.

Paolo Antonietti, Chairman of Bormioli Rocco, declared: "This acquisition strengthens Bormioli Rocco position in the pharmaceutical packaging market, with five European plants fully dedicated to the production of quality plastic and glass items. Besides enhancing our production volumes, the acquisition of Neubor Glass will enable us to enrich our range of highly specialised pharmaceutical glass and therefore enter new markets.

The leadership position of Bormioli Rocco is underpinned by our commitment to innovation and technological know-how, providing our customers with products matching the highest value, quality and safety standards”.

Gianmarco Zanchetta, CEO of Friulia, previous shareholder of Neubor Glass, declared: “Bormioli has an excellent reputation in the pharmaceutical packaging market. The company is planning remarkable investments in both economical and technical resources, along with the creation of new jobs which will bring advantages to the Friuli Venezia-Giulia region and open a new era for Neubor Glass.”


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